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  A reliable partner  

  for developing and producing  

  solutions for 25+ years  

  Specialising in  


  mushroom cultivation   

  and industrial machines  

  Set up as  

  a service organisation, 

  with lots of parts always in stock  


Situated in Erp, The Netherlands, in the province of Brabant, Verbruggen Mechanisatie is active in the field of engineering and mechanisation. This website gives you an idea of who we are, what we do and what you can expect from us.



Some of the machines we have built in recent years. (For more information call: +31 (0)413 21 12 94).

- Leek cutters
- Leek cleaning/drying lines
- Leek peelers
- Leek processing lines
- Leek harvesters
- Leek washing tunnels
- Leek washers
- Leek stalk cutters
- Celery washers
- Sorting tables with waste removal
- Box tilters
- Strawberry weighing conveyors
- Strawberry plant nursing machine
- Lettuce self-cutters
- Film opening and unwinding machines
- Tray plant conveyors
- Turntables
- Compost belts
- Onion harvesters
- Broccoli harvesting conveyors
- Celeriac washers
- Carrot washers
- Cabbage harvesting conveyors
- Sorting systems
- Automatic box fillers
- Inclined conveyors
- Pump units
- Crate washers
- Tank fillers
- Mushroom stalk cutters
- Mushroom cutting belts
- Cloth washers
- Cloth pull-back winches
- Film winders
- Trough belt conveyors
- Water coolers
- Processing belts
- Weighing belts
- Water jet cutting
- Counting systems
- Leaf removal
- Weighing tables
- Compost dosing belts



Strong in horticultural, mushroom cultivation and industrial machines

at developing, producing and servicing

You have a requirement or idea
Are you looking for a professional partner to work with you to develop your plans and achieve your goals? Then you have come to the right place.

Our common sense & 'no-nonsense' approach
Our strength lies in our ingenuity, combined with our common sense and hands-on technical know how.

Maintenance & repair
For maintenance and repair of your current machinery, please contact us. Our team of professionals is at your disposal 24 hours a day.

Verbruggen Mechanisatie | Van den Beucken Machinebouw: company films


Verbruggen Mechanisatie and Van den Beucken Machinebouw: A STRONG COMBINATION!

Verbruggen Mechanisatie had built a proven track record with stationary machines while Van den Beucken Machinebouw had built its reputation by developing and producing mobile machines - specifically planting and harvesting machines.

The merger between these two companies in 2010 created a strong and complete partner for agriculture and horticulture. A company that together makes good use of each other's experience and mechanisation expertise. With one communal goal: to help you take the essential steps in your desire to work as efficiently as possible.


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