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Verbruggen Mechanisatie

Transparent and fair

About us

Are you looking for a professional partner to work with you to develop your plans and achieve your goals? Then you have come to the right place.

About Verbruggen Mechanisatie

We have been a much-valued player in the machine engineering and mechanisation markets since 1989. We have specialised in designing and producing machines for our substantial clientele in industry, agriculture and horticulture, and the mushroom sector. We use modern technologies such as GPS, water jet cutting or, e.g., packing directly in the field.

Resourcefulness, common sense and perseverance

Our strength lies in our ingenuity in combination with our common sense and hands on know-how. Do you have technical ideas or a potential problem? Then we are the right partner for you to work with. In close consultation with you, we create a mechanised solution that enhances production.

Collaboration with Van den Beucken Machinebouw

Van den Beucken Machinebouw has been part of Verbruggen Mechanisatie in Erp, the Netherlands, since 2010. Where Van den Beucken's focus is on mobile equipment, the strength of Verbruggen Mechanisatie lies with stationary machines. This combination of activities has made us both stronger, enabling us to serve the entire agricultural sector and to grow from a supra-regional company into an internationally active enterprise.

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